Scraloud: Turn any Workflow into an API

Turn any Workflow into an API

Zero code.

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Automate Websites with Clicks

Just convert your point and clicks into API

Feature 01

Web Scraping

Crawl arbitrary websites, extract structured data from them

Feature 02

Web Automation

Automate manual workflows and processes on the web

Feature 03

Structured Data

If you can access to website, that's enough for us.

Market Research

Get data about your market and generate insights from publicly available data on the web.

Use data to find new potential customers and collect data about them at scale.

Robotic Automation

Automate repetitive tasks that you perform manually in a web browser.

If any human can do X task on web browser, we can do it too.

Product Development

Build new products and services by aggregating data from the web and automating workflows.


  • 1,000 API calls
  • 5 Concurrent Requests
  • Email Support
  • 10,000 API calls
  • 25 Concurrent Requests
  • Email + Phone Support
  • 100,000 API calls
  • 50 Concurrent Requests
  • Email + Phone Support

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